I specialize finding places that showcase local culture and traditional foodways - dives, mom-and-pop shops, shacks, street vendors, markets, bakeries, and roadside eateries.  I believe that knowing the story behind the food you're eating is just as important as the food itself, so every tour is seasoned with a dash of history and a sprinkle of anthropology.

I have led group and individual food tours in Boston, Miami, and New York City.  I have also been a culinary tourism development consultant for Bites of Boston Food Tours.  

food tours & food crawls

I conduct private tours of various neighborhoods in South Florida, as well as informal food crawls that highlight a specific community, food, or other culinary or cultural theme.  Follow me on social media to find out when I'm leading the next food crawl.

personalized itineraries & orientation

Are you traveling and want a plan of action when you arrive at your destination?  I can consult with you to create a personalized, food-driven itinerary tailored to your tastes, needs, and budget.  

I also assist in orienting travelers to the unique food cultures, specialties, and dining habits of various destinations.

I prepare itineraries and orientations for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Lima, Mexico City, Paris, and many other destinations.