A personal chef comes to you and cooks in your kitchen, ensuring that you enjoy food when it's at its peak of freshness and flavor. Events and special occasions are my arena, whether it is a dinner for two or a large party.  

My background in food studies can also provide you and your guests with an enlightening experience where you learn the story behind the food, thus enhancing its flavor and allowing you to connect more closely to what you eat.

culinary services

I specialize in cuisines from The United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, France, Italy, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and many more.

I can create new dishes specifically for you, making your meal a truly one-of-a-kind experience. I also partner with wine experts to customize unique, globally-inspired wine and food pairings.

I cater to gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and halal diets.

Peruvian Creole Cuisine

Peruvian Sandwich Party

Chesley Road Bed & Breakfast Wine Dinner